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german speaking service in india, thai english translation service in india

Examinations and Certificates
We offer a certification system based on European standards for all levels, from beginners to fluent speakers.

thai german learning service in india

We are happy to inform you regarding the opening of the ever first "German Language School" located at 104, Vrindavan Apartments, Padmawati Colony-I, Lane no. 7, Kings Road, Nirman Nagar, Jaipur - 302019 India German language learners providing the following requisite coaching

1. Standard course A-1 (120 units approx.) 2 units (45minsx2) daily.
divided in to 2 semester.
Semester -1 ( 60 units ) Basic course ,Semester-2 ( 60 units) advance course
followed by A-1 final examination.

A-2 Pass out beginners of A-1 Course.

B-1 Pass out of A-2

B-2 Pass out of B-1

C-1 Pass out of B-2

C-2 Pass out of C-1

2. Special coaching for middle to higher secondary school students.

3. Coaching especially designed for University certificate/diploma/post diploma/B.A. students.

4. Candidates desirous of visiting Germany for different professional purposes.
5. Especially spoken German for Hoteliers/Tourism professionals and corporate body workers placed in and out MNCs at Jaipur.

We'll be pleased to welcome all inquisitive and prospective candidates and enroll and register them on "first come first serve" basis.

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