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german speaking service in india, thai english translation service in india

Examinations and Certificates
We offer a certification system based on European standards – for all levels, from beginners to fluent speakers.

thai german learning service in india

  • All the courses are starting from 20th September 2010

German is the native language of more than 100 million people in Europe. Learning German not only opens up access to culture and education, but also creates opportunities for business contacts and professional success.
Whatever your reason for learning German-for business, preparation for university studies in Germany or just personal interest-the German School in Germany offers a broad range of German course at all levels and every possible length and intensity.
Well founded course system, qualified teachers and ongoing assessment of our institutes and our entire programme ensure the highest standards of quality and optimal learning success.
Our courses are systematically laid out for natural continuity and cover al levels. The course goals and contents are based on detailed curricula and are closely linked to the language examinations recognized around the world and the Common European Framework for Languages.

We use the best possible methods and materials to ensure that you experience language teaching that is both efficient and communicative.

You will be learning with an international group, speaking German right from the lesson. A variety of different types of activities, discussions, role plays and written homework will quickly familiarize you with the German language. You will spend time working alone, in pairs or in groups to acquire all the language skills and culture specific information you need to communicate successfully in German.

Examinations and Certificates
Certificates issued by the German School are recognized by companies and educational institutions around the world as proof of your standard of German. We offer a certification system based on European standards – for all levels, from beginners to fluent speakers. Each year more than 70000 learners of German around the world take part in the German examinations held at Goethe centers.

For participants in the best years of their lives

A language course for participants with experience of life who are open to new knowledge and ideas and want to learn German while getting to know Germany and its culture with like –minded people. 

Are you a teacher of German looking for away of improving your language skills and your knowledge of Germany and its culture and learning new teaching methods/ Our special two-week courses have the perfect programme for you. 

Whether you are planning to take the TestDaf exam, Zertifikat Deutsch or one of our other exams that provide a recognized assessment of your skills – our courses will provide the thorough and targeted preparation you need.


Many German Schools offer afternoon, evening and weekend courses of varying intensity and duration for participants living in the area. Please contact the institutes directly for dates and prices.

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